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Recent Updates


  • Updated Docusaurus: 2.4.1 --> 3.0.0
  • Content Updates: Financial Fundamentals
    • Moved Sections (into a currently unpublished article):
      • Financial Independence
      • Financial Freedom


  • Content Updates: Financial Fundamentals / Common Misconceptions
    • Updated Section:
      • Assets vs Liabilities
    • New Sections:
      • Meaning of Words
      • Asset Liability Modeling
      • Value Flow Modeling


  • Implemented TermsFeed's Privacy Consent Service to be compliant with multiple new privacy laws:
    • Ensured Google Analytics and AdSense are blocked on page load, and only run after a user interacts with cookie consent banner.
    • Enabled consent logging to be compliant with GDPR.
    • Added a "Privacy Preferences" button in the website's footer.
      Added a second button next to it that does the same thing, but is titled "Do Not Sell My Personal Information," as CCPA compliance requires a button with that specific name.


  • Discovered Google Analytics and AdSense are blocked.
  • Discovered Cloudflare app "Cookie Consent" stopped working:
    • The cookie consent banner no longer shows up.
    • Broken cookie consent logic is what blocked Google Analytics and AdSense script logic from running.
    • Saw a forum post mentioning multiple Cloudflare apps stopped functioning. Will look for a replacement.


  • Added link to newsletter to home and updates pages.
  • Applied for Google AdSense, waiting on approval.
  • Added scripts to enable Google Analytics and AdSense.


  • Going live on
    • Updated Typesense to 0.24.0
    • Updated Docusaurus to 2.4.0
    • Verfied Cloudflare app "Cookie Consent" works.
    • Updated DNS and other prep work.


  • Finished accuracy, grammar, spell check, and manual QA of the initial 5 pages of content:
    • Financial Fundamentals
    • Financial Mistakes to Avoid
    • Investment Accounts
    • Investment Advice
    • Financial Tips and Tricks


  • Added Google AdSense Ads to legal docs.


  • Legal counsel finished reviewing and gave a thumbs up about the accuracy of various legal docs.