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Site Updates

2022 Updates


  • Added the following legal notices with footer links: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Liability Disclaimer, Cookies Policy, and Cookies Consent banner.


  • Finished Search Improvement:
    Replaced client-side lunr.js with Typesense Server based search.


  • Finished rebranding guyde --> guide for simplicity based on feedback + recently purchased domains with correct spelling.


  • Added a Support Us button with links to Kofi and Newsletters.


  • Deployed live site (currently hidden from search engines).
  • Fixed a bug in the top menu's navigation.
  • Chose Docusaurus Static Site Generator, after the Docusaurus vs Hugo with Docsy Theme proof of concept bake off.


  • Updated Docusaurus 2.0.0-beta.20 -> 2.0.0-beta.21
  • Made Sidebar Collapsible.


  • Started Docusaurus proof of concept site with defaults running on localhost
  • Created a simple browser tab favicon for the site.
  • Brainstormed desired end state for the short term:
    • Read what was possible + tinkered + brainstormed.
    • Decided to disable the "blog" functionality, and go with "docs" (tree) only mode, which results in better consistency in the UI. (otherwise it's possible to have tags associated with blogs and tags associated with docs, that are independent of each other which results in a bad UX.)
    • I figured Site Updates can function as a change log posted on the site instead of hiding hidden in a README. I'll manually implement chronological order of updates/changes on an /updates page, which was the only feature I wanted from the blog functionality.
    • Decided on this for the Top Menu:
      • Home --> About GuideScape
      • Browse by Tree --> Tree view of content
      • Browse by Tags --> Tag based search (great for when things fall in multiple categories, but must exist in a primary location in the tree)
      • Site Updates
      • Premium Content (future page that can link to courses, books, and other paid content)
      • Search
  • Wired the site up to match my desired end state (with placeholder text in some places.)
  • Disabled & Removed some of the original default content & default home page.
  • Got basic client-side search functionality to work (plan to replace in the distant future.)